Sometimes it's the small things that count

A client and I were chatting about workplace behaviour.  I shared some examples of workplace behaviour issues common to other companies.  She listened attentively, nodded and responded with…

“Yep, these workplace behaviour issues sound familiar, but you know what I think is our biggest workplace behaviour issue?! It’s the simple stuff, like, not acknowledging a colleague when they walk into the office in the morning – no “good mornings”, or “hi, how are you”.   Sometimes there’s a lack of respect and civility. We need to get this simple stuff right before we jump into anything else.”

The news is, my client is not alone.  A recent survey of 5,000 Australian workers in a broad range of industries and occupations carried out by SuperFriend, found that of those surveyed:

  • Only 26% strongly agreed that people in the workplace are courteous and treat each other with respect.

  • Only 18% strongly agreed that people in the workplace care about each other

  • Only 18% strongly agreed that work feels like a community where people support each other beyond just getting the work done

SuperFriend. Indicators of a Thriving Workplace Survey. Melbourne: SuperFriend; 2018.

SuperFriend identifies connectedness as 1 of the 5 key domains of a thriving workplace and describes connectedness as high quality, interpersonal connections which is the fabric of teamwork and collaboration.

A lack of respect, courteousness, civility and kindness can be a silent workplace culture killer. It can significantly impact teamwork, staff morale, workplace relationships, attendance, performance and productivity. 

I believe there’s a huge opportunity for businesses out there to improve workplace culture and productivity through a focus on connectedness.   Connectedness programs don’t need to be complex.  It’s often the small steps taken that can make a big impact. 

While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary
— Matt Bevin

For my client, the Power of Hello Project is an easy one.  They’re creating awareness amongst their people, on the importance and benefits of greeting colleagues every day.

So, dip your toes into workplace connectedness, and identify the opportunities to improve kindness, respect, civility and courteousness.  It’s for the good of your people and your business.