Interpersonal Conflict: one of the most important stressors

In the 1980’s interpersonal conflict had not been studied extensively in occupational stress literature, however there were indications that it may be one of the most important stressors (e.g. Keenan & Newton, 1985)

Today, we have access to a variety of literature that identifies the significant impact interpersonal relationships in the workplace can have on psychological health. Safe Work Australia, last year published a national guide to Work-related psychological health and safety: a systematic approach to meeting your duties. In this guide, Poor Workplace Relationships is identified as one of the common psychosocial hazards and factors.

In the work that I do, I have seen how common interpersonal conflict in the workplace is and the impacts this has on workers psychological health, their productivity and performance.

In the video above I referenced the Interpersonal Conflict at Work Scale (ICAWS). The ICAWS is a four item, summated rating scale that was designed to assess how well the respondent gets along with others at work. I’ve provided a link below should you wish to access this scale.

Interpersonal Conflict at Work Scale

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