Workplace Behaviour and People Connection Programs

Behaviour in the workplace can sometimes be less than ideal. People leaders have a moral and legal obligation to take a proactive approach to influence positive workplace behaviour and amplify people connections. They also require the knowledge and skills to intervene early and manage inappropriate behaviour.

I offer a range of workshops delivered in-house to educate and up-skill people leaders and their teams. These workshops provide participants with an understanding of the impacts of workplace behaviour and how individual actions can contribute to a happy/productive work environment for better people and business outcomes.


AMPLIFY people connections


Recent studies in Australian workplaces have shown that people do not feel a strong sense of connection, community and support within their teams and workplace.

A workplace that does not invest in cultivating an environment of strong people connections and support structures are at risk of:

  • Relationship conflict

  • Spending a large amount of time and resources in reacting to people problems

  • Workers experiencing work-related stress and more…

Positively REsponsible

THE positive impact of accepting RESPONSIBILITY

Even the best workplaces encounter disruptors that cause stress and frustration. If these are not managed in a positive way, a good culture can fall victim to friction, low staff morale, and a culture of blame. This culture becomes a business risk in itself.

Research carried out by Nathanael J. Fast and, Larissa Z. Tiedens indicates that organisations where blame is the norm, group members are likely to be less creative and perform poorly.


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moving from ugly venting to purposeful venting

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